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Just, Raquel

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Saturday, January 24th, 2004
2:59 pm - The end. For this.
hey guys i decided to make a new journal cuz its way easy to do w/.o a code and lets face it i made "mulletgrl" when mullets were funny, but now its just gay so the new name is odiousobsession. add it!
i will not be deleting this journal because i just think its fun to look back and remember stuff.
i love you all<33333 foeverrrrr

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Thursday, January 22nd, 2004
6:41 pm - :/
i just had a mini-binge.
now i have all this creative energy, but no tools. i cant find any brushes and i just want to take some photos.
i will probably just end up using my creative energy to work out.
i thought i was getting better, but im not.
i really need help, im going to find it. i am now on a mission.

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5:41 pm - sorry this is like the millionth post for today. but this is urgent
Pinkflamingo8179: hi rachael.. i know this is weird but ive really wanted to talk to you lately and i jsut want to end on a good note and let you know i dont hate you..i really dont expect anything i jsut needed to let you know that i am sorry and that we had alot of good times and memories and i wont forget them..ever
mesmerize y0u: hey girl, i def agree. i honestly have no hard feelings, i think what needed to be done was done, and our times together were really great, but they are over with. im really glad that we can patch up the loose ends.
Pinkflamingo8179: ive been thinking alot about you..ive had a million dreams about this and i know that our personaliles clash but i woule still love to talk to you every now and then and jsut to be bale to say hi when i see you..ive never hated you
Pinkflamingo8179: and i will never hate you i couldnt
mesmerize y0u: i would/have never hated you either
Pinkflamingo8179: i know this is really sad but im crying...im really sorry
mesmerize y0u: i think we can def say hi or at least smile! but i dont think we should talk too much, cuz then i will just want to be friends again and that will probably not work out. im sorry too babe, you know i love you.
Pinkflamingo8179: yeah thats how i feel excatly

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4:23 pm - ps.
"what was i wearing that day? a shirt that was like literally down to my knees, bellbottoms, a croshed wicker purse..." -REISLAINGH

(talking about the unforgettable day we met the infamous certified sandwich artist and stalker boys)

hi phil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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1:11 pm - im a dork, but these fill outs are somethin to do when youre bored in study hall. right? k.
from: toxic_lollipopp
[ Describe your ]
x. [Wallet]from my aunt this past xmas. its so cute. its fossil, olive green w/ these cute lil daisies on it. except its too damn small and my ugly license is showing constantly.
x. [Hairbrush] pink and clear
x. [Toothbrush] need a new 1, the bristles are all hard. haa, ew.
x. [Jewelry worn daily] tiffanys ring, band rings, jc pennys $6 ring which is so huge and hot and real looking that everyone thinks im engaged, old bracelet, gloria vanderbelt watch, it has a light blue face and a diamond.
x. [Blanket] tan and blue w/ ivy.
x. [Facewash]i use lots, gotta switch it up daily, biore, clinique, clearasil, phisoderm, mary kay etc etc
x. [Coffee cup] dont drink coffee. it give you bad breath and stunts your growth.
x. [Sunglasses] black w/ diamonds, tan aviators, and pink ones w/ pink diamonds shaped like horseshoes
x. [Underwear] now? light blue body by victorias, yes, they were $10 a pair
x. [Shoes] now? tan boots.
x. [Favorite shirt] anything from a boutique, the 2 my mom got me for xmas.
x. [Favorite pants] any pair of my stretch silvers
x. [CD in stereo right now] boyz II men "II", toni braxton "secrets" and 1 open slot.
x. [Tattoos] none, yet...maybe i will get a big one on my bicep of jesus face, doves and a big cross, or a small one on my bobo
x. [Piercings] ears and belly
x. [What you are wearing now:] tan and blue striped blouse and silvers
x. [Hair] straight.
x. [Do you like candles] what chick doesnt?
x. [Do you believe in love] um..yea...
x. [Do you believe in soul mates] idk
x. [Do you believe in love at first sight]idk
x. [What do you want done with your body when you die] buried, also, i am an organ doner.
x. [What are you gonna do when you're older?]go to college, get a career...duh.
x. [How many songs do you have on your computer?] a few.
x. [What band are you listening to now?] none.
x. [Look out your window...tell me what you see] the woods next to the school (its not snowing anymore)
x. [If you could have any animal for a pet?] i dont really like pets. i dont enjoy cleaning up shit. but guinea pigs are CUUUUUUUUTE their lil squeak is so cute! and christine has got me hooked on those lil pomeranian puppies, and kittens of course. it would be sweet to have like a dolphin/whale/seal.
x. [What is the longest you've ever stayed up?] idk

[ When was the last time you ... ]
x. [Smiled?] dont recall
x. [Laughed?] "my dad couldnt even go cuz he was in the emergency room!!" -kel "was that the time when his hand got all messed up from stripping wood?" hahahaaha
x. [Cried?] yesturday, worst day of my life.
x. [Bought something?] yesterday, 2 pairs of adidas shorts from dicks. their sweet.
x. [Danced?] 2 days ago.
x. [Were sarcastic?] this morning, my dads asks the most idiotic questions sometimes
x. [Had a nightmare?] you know. >last entry.
x. [Last book you read] to kill a mockingbird
x. [Last movie you saw] some gay lifetime movie.
x. [Last thing you had to drink?] water
x. [Last thing you had to eat] strawberry yogurt nutri-grain bar. YUM!

[ Body ]
x. [What do you most like about your body?]my lips.
x. [And least?] my skin.
x. [How many fillings do you have?] none:)
x. [Do you think you're good looking?] im nothing special
x. [Do other people tell you that you're good-looking?] sometimes
x. [Do you look like any celebrities?] some people tell me, angelina jolie, rachel leigh cook, paris hilton..yanno.

[ Fashion ]
x. [Do you wear a watch?] see above.
x. [How many coats and jackets do you own?] lets see...hmm..at least 4..black leather, brown fur, white ski w/ fur, gray peacoat...i think i have more but those are the ones i wear most.
x. [Favorite pants/skirt colour?] pants= faded denim skirt=plaid, khaki, denim, white, black...any i guess
x. [Most expensive item of clothing?] my $90 luckys, i think.
x. [Describe your style in one word] what i think is cute. k, more than one word, oh well.

[Your Friends ]
x. [Do your friends know you?] umm..yeaaa.....
x. [Are there traits in you that are universally liked?] not sure. ask someone else. maybe my bubbliness.
x. [How many people do you tell everything to?] 1, if you count God as a person

[ Music/TV/Books ]
x. [Favourite band ever?] BOYZ II MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! of course.
x. [Most listened to bands?] bone thugs?
x. [Do you find any musicians good-looking?] babyface, most black musicians, since their the only ones who can actually sing. chenny kesney is $.
x. [Type of music most listened to?] rap, hip hop, country. some pop, very little.
x. [Type never listened to?] punk.
x. [Favourite book?] anything by nicholas sparks.

yes and kelley is a big whore cuz she made fun of my ugly face yesterday and really hurt my feelings.

i hope i dont forget to do my english homework.

im doing yoga tonight:)
just so you know.

sorry im boring...

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Tuesday, January 20th, 2004
11:39 am - geez oh man! *dreams*
i rarely ever have dreams and the past 2 nights i had these like HORRIBLE nightmares about dying

1st- my mom and i were like sleeping in my bed and there was a robber in the house and we could hear him walking around and were just waiting for him to make it to my room, find us and kill us, but i was too scared to get up and lock my door cuz i thought if he did find us and broke open the door he would forsure kill us cuz he'd be so pissed that we tried to save ourselves. so i grabbed my cell phone, called 911 and they werent going to do anything. so its like we were just lying in bed waiting to die. and in my dream he finally got to the room and opened the door and i woke up soooo scared, i prayed for like 10 mins begging God to never let any of that happen to my friends/family.

have you ever thought about if you got attacked by someone, i would be sooooo scared to fight back, cuz its like, you can kick them in the balls or hit them or whatever and run away, but if they catch you again they will be ever more pissed and the chance of you getting killed is soo much bigger.
but NOTE to girls, if a guy ever attacks you, youre supposed to poke them in their eyes really hard, its their weakest spot.

2nd- this one was very long/random. it was like me and kelley at this huge lake w/ like a spring break party going on, eric was in it (HAHA) some freshman girl, who ive never talked to and diana and heller. one part was the freshman chick asking darell why he wasnt friends w/ me anymore and he just started laughing and was like im too good for you. (lol i told him about it, hes like "thats awesome") the other part was like luke sitting by the pool next to a grocery cart tying his shoes and heller was making fun of him, so i started to hit him really hard and beat him up and he was so ox but he wasnt fighting back, and i pushed him in the pool and started holding his head under the water. then luke was in the shopping cart, and fell in the water upside down and started drowning and i was so scared and thought i wouldnt be able to lift him/help him, so i didnt even try! and i woke up and i was all tingly and i prayed.

and ive gotten like no sleep, and im so dead tired, like ive never been this tired type thing. everyday, im able to get up so easily, but this morning i was in bed and i literally could not get out. gossh!

sorry about the weird/morbid tone of this entry, just if anyone can analyze dreams, show me some love!

BUT, this weekend
i saw kevan at lukes wrestling meet<3 i miss him
luke kicked ASS, he pinned the kid in like 20 seconds
went to dicks, bought
-2lbs weights
-yoga video
-browns hoodie
-ADORRRRRRRRRRRABLE silver and pink nikes
-pink and gray backpack
watched football
and yea i cant think...so bye.

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Friday, January 16th, 2004
10:38 pm
i feel better cuz i worked out hard for like 45 mins. the firm. its sweet.
now i need to hit the sheets.
but i want to watch law & order svu at 11.
and/or basketball.

i want to go to lukes wrestling meet tomarrow, im just really hoping its not at like 8:30am.

"whoever would stick a banana where the sun dont shine is just....rude!"
"serious feng shue problems"

current mood: sleepy
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8:13 pm - piece of poo
i am seriously such a lazy ass lately.
i swear all i do anymore is eat, sleep, and lay around watching football.
i dont even do decent workouts anymore.
not to mention i have like no friends anymore. ever since all that shit happened with heller, i realized geoff and darell really dont care about me, mike j is obsessed w. wrestling, milans obsessed w. getting drunk, and its weird talking to tim or jason now. so basically tracy and kelley are my only good friends anymore. its like i have friends, (brandon, beth, etc) but none as close as the others were until they started hating me. :/
so i literally like never go out anymore, its just me, myself and i, sitting around like a worthless loser cuz i have no friends to go out w.

but on a happier note, i will hopefully soon be a new employee at coffee club.
and after a lot of praying and really caring my ed is sooo much better, i feel like im not so obsessed w. what i eat, as long as i know its healthy and im still working out. so i feel 100% better about that. even though i still have a lot to work on.

yea, but lately, my life sucks.

current mood: depressed
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Monday, January 12th, 2004
8:24 pm - it all started when joe cafardi called joe vinceguera a mess...
Bd wong is the shit.
matrixbyme: konichiwas
matrixbyme: ogenkidesuka
= hi, how are you? (japanese)
i wish i was a geisha. they are so bootylicious.
i think it would be tight to work at a chinese restaurant, but only chinese people work there. i wouldnt be able to understand anything they'd be saying. can you picture it me in a filthy ass kitchen w/ a lil white hat on, spatula in my hand, grease splashing everywhere, w/ me staring off into space w/ a mortified look on my face, dogs howling in pain, and everyone around me like "hung ho ding dong" k, maybe that wouldnt be so hot.
...same w/ nail salons. those places smell.

has this ever happened to you...?
you have a really close friend growing up. and you are separated for awhile. you chill again, but the person has changed a lot? and you dont like the things they do. but you love the memories and person they used to be so much that it just makes you sad not to talk to them anymore?
that happened to me. shes into drinking 24-7, smoking, and guys guys guys.

yesterday kat, luke and i ponged for like 465156814918 hours.

books i need to read:
1. sounder
2. power of 10
3. davinci code
4. memoirs of a geisha

has anyone else noticed lj is shit lately? all my entries are jacked as fuck. annoying.

i miss the reislaingh.


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11:26 am - :D
lately i am so addicted to nutri-grain bars.

i watched a total of approx. 12 hours of football this weekend. and reaffirmed that 1. superbowl will be colts vs panthers (colts will most likely win) 2. brett farve has a hot ass

i am going to apply at lauras kitchen, brielles and other places in independence.
when i get time.

brian was being so cute last period, hes such a flirt.<3

chili!!!!!!!!!! lean cuisinnnne!!!<333333

i have to hit up the express and victorias secret sales tomarrow. or sometime in the near future.

kelley and i are starting to email eachother every monday w/ a spiritual goal (ie. spend at least 30 mins at a time in prayer, say 1 nice thing to every fam member everyday) and fitness goal (1200 situps, stand up from backbend, 5 min mile, perfect left-handed cartwheel, 9,000 calories or it can just be something we wanna do, go to the gym 4 times, do 13 hrs of yoga...yanno) for the week. and after 4 (aka 1 month) if we both accomplish all of our goals, we buy eachother gifts. sweet.

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Friday, January 9th, 2004
9:03 pm - k...
now that im done binging for the second day in a row...ugh..i feel so worthless right now. and i was just starting to get my 6 pack again.

dude, yesterday heller asked me out, i told him i just wanted to be friends and hes like no, i cant be friends w. you and said all this shit that made me so upset i was like bawling forever...
MikeLHeller: this is why all guys end up not liking you
RAQUELQT55: what are you talking about?
MikeLHeller: have you notest how darell doesnt like you, you dont do stuff with geoff any more.
MikeLHeller: both of them used to like you

and im so tired, and i need to work out, and study for midterms cuz im like failing out of school, and i have so much crap to get done and just no motivation whatsoever. do you ever get that way!? it doesnt really happen that often but when it does i just feel so BLAH!!

so yea this weekend is going to suck because it will = studying, eating out of depression and frustRATion and bordem from studying, so tired and dead from studying and no motivation to work out cuz ill be so tired. what would happen if i just didnt study and got f's on all my exams? that would be sweet.
ugh schools a bitch.


but nick sanders & barbie guadalupe @ marc's on the run made me laugh. so did wyatt telling me about extreme elimination challenge, where chinese people skip on rocks really fast and fall off..ha. surfboard death. <3

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Thursday, January 8th, 2004
5:07 pm - Quotes of the week
1. "so dan why didnt you call me at all over break?"
"i was going to, i dialed the first 6 numbers then hung up."
"i have a fear of rejection."
2. "dont you think its so gay when people put on their away message im taking a shoower" -me
"yea its like they want you to think about it or something." -evan
"its gay"
"yea, i only did it like once."
"you did it !????? haha loser. i never did."
"thats cuz you never shower."
3. "we saw uncle stan coming and were like please god no, it was so scary" -kelley
"kelley thats retarded." -me
"NO ITS NOT! how would you like a sexual predator rubbing your neck?"
"my dad seriously thinks he has like relationships w/ his granddaughter."
"HAH your dad is hysterical" -mom
"tell her what he said about saddam huessein" -me
"you tell her"
"well, ya know how saddam like makes his prisoners cut off their body parts and eat them? mr ackers like, we should make him cut off his dick and put it in a hotdog bun."
4. "do we take points off if theres no dollar or cents sign?"
"ARE YOU GAY?????????????????????????????"
yea maybe some are the you had to be there kinda thing. but shit, i hope you get some enjoyment outta em cuz i sure did.

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Wednesday, January 7th, 2004
11:52 am
i want steamed chicken w/ snow peas, carrots, white rice and sweet and sour sauce. chinese food<3333
dude this kid is wearing a tomlinson jersey..wtf? i mean ladanian tomlinson is like the hottest name ever and hes an amazing runner, but yea, you just cant wear that. although, its not his fault that our defense cant block him cuz they are on the field 24-7 cuz are offense cant ever get a 1st down. but ya know what? bruce arians is FIRED, f-i-r-e-d which means we will be good next year, oh and i really hope chris gardocki stays on our team!!!
now i want peanut butter.
i swear i get the most random cravings throughout the day.
hah lol@ this 1 time me and trace were sitting watching a lifetime movie and out of nowhere im just "i want a burger smothered in onions"
"are you pregnant?"
yea well it was cute at the time so shut up.

this morning i woke up like 10 mins early and stretched, and it was just like the bomb shizzle way to start my day, ive been in such a good mood.

later today kelley and i are hitting up pilates, tae bo, 20 min stretch and running. then madres making us venicine meatloaf. yay

does anyone else think ally hilfiger is like the cutest?

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Tuesday, January 6th, 2004
11:42 am - i cant think of anything more disgusting...
than a sour grape.
or maybe the white out i had to drive in this morning to get to school.

things i forgot to post about
1) yesterday morning i almost killed us. literally i was trying to turn to the short cut street through all the construction and cones and before i know it theres headlights coming right at us. i couldnt get out of the lane though cuz there was a bus coming up on that side, and the car in front of us just was not stopping or even slowing down. so thank God we lived.
2)babysitting on sat was so cute. we watched freaky friday, played plush ball tag, and fairly oddparnents game, gave eachother airbrush tattoos, played w/ bratz dolls and ate oreo pudding pie. we also bounced on huge oversized balls in high heels and chiffon dresses. i miss being a kid :/

hahahahahhahahahahaha jablonski
garys an idiot

i put up a whole bunch of football pics in my room. its sweet.

what i need to buy w. my xmas money
1.bras and thongs
2. new running shoes
3. white tennis shoes
4. ricky williams poster
5. you can never have enough abercrombie
6. 2.5 lb weights (the 5 lb ones i use now are too hard during inteval training)
7. face powder (bronzing from V.s. or possibly clinique)
8. gas
9. power of 10

oh and i was walking w/ brand today and hes like "diana told me about what you guys did" im like "what did she say?" hes like "well we were talking about girls kissing eachother...." im like "what did she say bark??" and he just walked away.
"hey aaron where do you work now?"
"my dads trucking company"
"i literally want to be a tuck driver when i grow up."
"more power to you."
oh and he also told me i dont come off as a christian. ??

today= gym, tanning, veggie wing salad, bread w/ reduced sugar jelly, orange.

and ps. all of these low -carb no-carb, no-potato, no-fruit diets are homosexual

i wish i had a huge vocabluary like mrs. jones

dude noel is so rich.

i got 100% on my webassign the first time i did it!!

i have an extreme craving for scallops

current mood: hungry
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Monday, January 5th, 2004
12:01 pm - back at school..break is over
i cant think of a good final paragraph for my significance of a mockingbird paper.

i dont know if i should keep looking for a job or just hold off, cuz track starts soon and im starting gymnastics again, if i get in.

i want to get braces!!!!!! but i dont think my dad will pay for them. his new theory on EVERYTHING is "every penny i spend on you is less money you have for college." which sucks cuz that means no emerald ring w. a white gold band and lil diamonds!!! (maybe my mom will buy it for me, even though she wants to get me a new coach bag) but yea, they said i should get jaw surgery to correct my overbite, but that would like totally change my appearance, and surgery just scares me! especially oral?? but my teeth are okay, i just want them to be perfect.
oh and also i used to have really white teeth and the past coupld weeks i look in the mirror and im like ew yellow teeth. and i figured out that its cuz i stopped using whitening toothpaste when i bought aim (cuz it tastes sooo good) so yea im back to arm & hammer advanced white so i can have pretty teeth again.
k, now that you know all about my mouth moving on...

i bought a new month tanning cuz i need some color. to go w/ my new hair.
today im going to the gym.
and now im off to art.

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Thursday, January 1st, 2004
i just left my moms and i feel really bad cuz she didnt want me to leave, but i was so bored over there and wanted to watch the michigan usc game w/ my dad. but now hes being a total ass cuz mich is playing like retards. i think i hurt my moms feelings when i left but when i asked her if she was mad she said no she could never be mad at me. i miss her. sometimes i freak out thinking about how much i will miss my family when i go to college. then even when you come back and visit, everything changes. my brothers will be so grown up, my parents will be older, i will feel like i missed out on so much when i was away. then even when i graduate if i come back home, it will still all be different. i think john cougar said it the best "hold onto 16 as long as you can. changes come along real soon." growing up is so damn depressing. i cried the whole way home thinking about it. and i have a headache.

kelleys hoed me out today. she told me she would come over (even though i could tell she didnt want to) and then blew me off. skank. oh yea certified sandwich artist from 2 summers ago. hah.

tracy and i are going to watch an eds hockey game tomarrow:):) and shopping!!!

i got my hairs cut and no one said anything about it :(

today the fam met up w/ my uncle, aunt, cousin and g-mams and we ate at this thai restaurant, which was awesome<3

i saw the last samuri w/ tim the other day. it was soooo good. see it.

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Wednesday, December 24th, 2003
6:52 pm - im so tired of this bullcrap
i hate you mia.
i really need to see a doctor and talk to mrs hyde...

current mood: sick
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Monday, December 22nd, 2003
9:14 pm - kelleys mom washed her mouth out w/ soap!! hahahahaha!!!
just got back from dinner w. my bro and best friend. we had an awesome time.
"what do you wanna see first?" -LJ
"my crap falling in the toilet." haha. we ate so much.

did you know chyna used to be bulimec? whatever happened to her? and matt from tough enough 3? he never wrestles on tv. he was my fave x a million.

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Sunday, December 21st, 2003
9:18 pm
last night i babysat from 7-12 and made $50. sweet. 10 an hour for watching tv and coloring. i told him "this is way too much money you dont have to pay me this much" but he forced me to keep it, so im like cool. although the little boy was so annoying, i would lay down and he would be like "can i lay on you?" and kept jumping on me and hugging me. and im like "STOP F-ING TOUCHING ME YOU MOLESTOR!" and we were trying to watch bruce almighty and he wouldnt shut up and i just wanted to smack him so hard. whoa, that sounded psycho. its like i love kids but some of em can just bug the crap out of you. the little girl was a sweetheart though. shes one of kats friends.

today i went to the browns game. we wont talk too much about that. but we sat in the loge (sp?) w/ my dads clients and ate obscene amounts of calories.
so then i went to the gym and had the workout of my life, came home and did interval workout.

beth we really need to get together. were making t-shirts that, on the front say "its bigger than" and on the back have a pic of ron jeremy. ha!

i found my kenny chesney greatest hits cd.

i have to call tracy cuz she left a message earlier and said shes ready to exchange gifts! i wonder what she got me??????????????????????????

christmas is soo soon! the other day i went shopping w/ my stepmom so i could pick out some of my presents and a christmas outfit. so i got 3 pairs of sweatpants, 2 hoodies, 2 sweaters, this ADORABLE hat. and my xmas outfit is this cute pair of brown pants w/ a brown shirt w/ pink polka dots and a bow around it. $$$

tomarrow= calzone & ice cream cake.

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Wednesday, December 17th, 2003
11:29 am - its freeeeeezing in this school
today has been a really good day.

yesterday i studied for the finance test w/ ash. its going to be so impossible. her mom is so cute when i came over shes like "do you want something to eat?" im like "no thanks im not hungry" and for literally like 20 mins shes like "you sure you dont want a sandwich, or chicken" etc etc etc. then she puts 2 bags of chips in front of me im like "mrs longa i just ate" and after about the 174874618618654645453534th time i told her i wasnt hungry she stopped asking me if i wanted anything. i thought it was kinda cute and mom-ish. but annoying at the same time.
heller came over. he got a new puppy and we went and saw it. he got wendys. and we went to my house and did nothing.

public bathrooms are seriously so sick. like even the ones at school are like sick. oh and the fact that theres 1 really small mirror where like 8 girls are pushing eachother out of the way to check themselves out is just retarded.

i am so tired i woke up like 5 times last night cuz i was so sick. then ryan was like screaming cuz he had a bad dream. i want to go home and take a nap, but i think im going straight to the ackers house to use their sewing machine to finish these jeans, cuz ours broke last night.
my nose hurts. too much sniffling. and my voice is all raspy i sound like a porn star.

tonight my moms makin me venicine, salad and a baked potato.SHYYYYYT:)

tomarrow were having a cultural celebration in spanish class so last night i made apple cake to bring in. i hope people like it.

and now im about to do some online shopping.

oh ps. *laughing to myself in the parking lot*
"what?" -trace
"ha, nothing, i just think its pretty cool that i havent talked to bryant in literally months." -me

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